• Eco-Friendly Products
  • Hardwood Floor Maintenance
  • Waxing and Sealing
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • We Clean All Surfaces
We provide a variety of Solutions including:
  • Professional Commercial Building Maintenance Solutions
  • Pre and Post Construction Kleanup Solutions
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Encapsulation Commercial Carpet Kleening
  • Carpet Repair-Pet Odor Removal
  • Natural Stone Restoration & Sealing
  • Floor Maintenance to include Vinyl, Hardwood, Ceramic, Tile, Cement and No Wax Floors
  • Stripping, Waxing & Burnishing
  • Scrubbing-Remove all dirt, dust, marks, residue, and all other foreign matter from floors
  • Stripping-Strip floors to remove all built-up wax and sealer
  • Waxing and sealing-Protect and Shine your floors with sealer, wax & burnishing
  • High Speed Polishing-Give your floors a resilient shine
  • Wood Flore Care & Restoration

carpet-cleaningCarpet Cleaning

Dirt is not only an apparent nuisance it is also one of the leading causes in microbial growth. It is very important to routinely clean or otherwise maintain carpets to ensure healthy living quarters. Dust is NOT the only thing settling on your carpets. Mites are also a common issue, which is one of the very reasons that steam cleaning is the recommended method of carpet care. Dust is NOT the only thing settling on your carpets

carpet-cleaningRotary Deep Scrub

Often, due to a consistent flow in traffic, the gauge and pile of area specific fibers will begin to twist and wear down creating what are amiably referred to as a Traffic Area. If necessary, that area should be scrubbed thoroughly. Because those fibers in particular tend to be softer they often attract airborne particles and soil causing color variation.

carpet-cleaningPet Damage

Pet dander contains bacteria that cause odors. Applying a topical enzyme agent will usually counteract the intrusion of bad pet odors. However, Urine or fecal matter may require a bit more attention. Usually a 3-day pet treatment including, thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the affected areas will do the trick.

carpet-cleaningStretch & Re-Tack

Due to many different variables, carpet will often become detached from its tact. No problem! Our service technicians are equipped to re-stretch and re-tack those areas that may become wrinkled. Water damage is a common cause of those de-tacked areas.

The Green Kleen Team Promise!

GREEN KLEEN team is a Tampa based company dedicated to offering the best in carpet and cleaning solutions. We provide thorough carpet and tile cleaning services using only environmentally safe products! Our Certified Technicians are well trained and are constantly learning more about new technologies in the field so that we can offer our clients the most effective, professional and safe carpet cleaning as recommended by the leading manufacturers.

Our professional service is backed by our 100% GREEN KLEEN Guarantee!

At GREEN KLEEN TEAM our goal is to clean above and beyond our client’s expectations. Using our Resilient hard floor care and complete carpet care Solutions allows us to give our clients 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

DPS Green Kleen Team offers flexible cleaning solutions tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Our commitment is to understand the client’s total need, create the solution, and then implement superior services for complete client satisfaction.

Green Kleen Team only uses Green Certified, bio-degradable cleaning chemicals, to help make our client’s environment safer to work in. Contact us today for a consultation and demonstration on how we can serve your building maintenance needs.