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DPS Core Values

Teamwork & Commitment

Diverse Professional Solutions is a mission driven company. This means that our staff is fully dedicated in executing tasks and achieving goals set by ourselves and those we serve. We aim to exceed expectations and provide superior services and products to our clients.
Diverse Professional Solutions values every member of our team and embraces their talents and respective abilities. We are respectful and supportive at all times and encourage productive collaboration and problem solving.

Integrity & Accountability

Our company upholds the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. We believe in the value of honesty and open, respectful communication. CEO Alphonso Ball maintains an uncompromising ethical approach to doing business which extends to our staff, working partners and client relationships.
DPS prides itself in demonstrating accountability in every project we undertake. Our clients rest assured that we are working hard to reach performance measures and deliver programmatic outcomes as expected. We take full responsibility for our actions and acknowledge the need to communicate and remedy for any issue that may arise during the course of a project.

Diverse = Dynamic

As indicated by our name, DPS celebrates diversity in all aspects of our organization. Our staff is open minded and receptive to fresh ideas. We also encourage creativity and innovation through internal and external collaborations with our clients and partners.
DPS is dedicated to staying current and relevant in the industries we serve. We are constantly tracking changes in regulations and common practices in order to provide the most accurate, state of the art services as possible.

Affordable, Cost effective Solutions

At Diverse Professional Solutions we understand the need to maintain affordable solutions in today’s ever changing economy. Our services are cost effective and customized in order to provide our clients with exactly what they need as efficiently as possible. We are available 6 days a week and can develop maintenance or IT plan that best fits our clients’ hectic schedules.
If you have any question concerning our services or fees, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will assist in finding the best solutions for your organization.